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Patient involvement is essential to offer quality oncology care and to advance oncology care research.

The digital patient self-reported symptoms enable regular evaluation of patient’s symptoms and condition and improve the efficiency and the quality of medical care.

The benefit of electronic tools (smart applications) is to promote the success of cancer therapy, to reduce the physical toxicity of therapy, to maintain the quality of life of the patient, within the family and in the society. Digital health increases patient’s communication with the treating physicians, within or outside the oncology team and structure and reduces the economic costs of cancer therapy.

At CureCancer:


• create their medical history, which can share with their physician

• self-report their symptoms and share them with their physicians

• increase the success of therapy and maintain their quality of life

Live longer and better!

Oncologists and related professionals, involved in oncology care

• monitor their patients, are well informed on their symptoms and provide the appropriate, timely and effective treatment.

• reduce the complications and the economic costs of treatment

• increase the success of therapy

Maintain the quality of life for their patients!

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CureCancer digital tool in the routine clinical oncology practice facilitates PROs, communicating with HCPs, treatment adherence and “distancing interventions” during covid-19 and reduces costs. A feasibility and satisfaction study. ESMO, September 2020. [PROs: Patient Reported Outcomes. HCPs: Health Care professionals].

The study is a collaboration of the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncologists - HeSMO,, with CURECANCER.

It was agreed and signed during CURECANCER's hosting in the Incubator of Young Businesses,, of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry - EBEA.

14 Clinical-Oncology Centers participate from all over Greece. Patient enrollment will close by July 2020.