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Special diets, nutritional supplements OrganicBox
Special diets, nutritional supplements
Organic Raw Materials, Herbs, Organic Drinks, Spices, Vegan Sweets, Bee Products, Organic Care and Hygiene Products.

MALEAS FOOD was founded in 1923 when George Kon. Damilakos decided to share with the world the wealth of Greek and Mediterranean nature. The mission today, is the production, packaging and promotion of natural products with emphasis on the healing power of plants, Greek gastronomy and love for nature.
We appeal to anyone who is interested in health, is in contact with nature, wants to try new and unique products and knows the properties of the natural products he uses.

Our eshop,, aims to give consumers access to quality products, of high nutritional value and quality, at low prices and fast delivery in your area.

You can choose one of the 4 ready-made boxes at a cost of 50 €, with carefully selected content by us to get a greater benefit to the consumer. We make sure that the value of the ready-made boxes is greater than € 50, so you always win.