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Grocery, products from Limnos Chyma kai Tsouvalata
Chyma kai Tsouvalata
Grocery, products from Limnos
The agri-food sector is a long tradition for Lemnos, which has its roots in ancient times, when the island was still the granary of the Aegean.

The blessed place of Lemnos gives to this day high quality and unique products, which can easily compete n the international market - some have already received international recognition, while having huge scope for development.

Feeling that the best way to move forward dynamically is by drawing strength from the past, Kostas and Eleni, experienced chefs and creators of the grocery store "Hyma ki Tsouvalata" and the online store "", recognized the value of this long tradition. With respect and love they created in June 2012 a point of reference for the fine products of Lemnos, promoting them with a deep belief in their quality and their potential to win over even the most demanding consumer . is the bridge that connects lovers of authentic Limnian products with their place of production.