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Comments by other users

“…you are sick and have to go through this whole bureaucratic process…”

when I think, as a patient, how many hours I spend running from here and there, doing my examinations in the diagnostic centers, then taking the results to the doctor and all of that ends up in a folder that I keep, then in a a folder held by my doctor, third in a folder held by a second doctor. In the end, I'm afraid that opportunities are lost even when you take preventive exams, let alone when you get to the point where you are sick and have to go through this whole bureaucratic process. I think that the electronic file would allow the patient to focus on his illness and treatment rather than "paperchase".  - A.T.

direct contact with my doctor…

I like the idea of the application for the general good, the direct contact with my doctor, and the sense of safety that it gives me.  - D.S.